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New President of Citizen Corp Monterey County

Hello everyone my name is Wayne ONeil and I am the Newly Elected President of Citizen Corp of Monterey County. I would like to start out by saying a Big Thank you to Wendy Walsh for all the hard work, dedication and devotions she has given to all of us and to Citizen Corp. I have big shoes to fill but I will make you proud. A little background on me I spent over twenty years in the Army and retired here on the Peninsula in 1993. Since then I have been a Government Contractor at NPS, Information Systems Manager at Love Chevrolet for 17 years and recently due to medical problems retired  for good. I have been in Cert since 2008. I am a Program Manager, Instructor and PIO with Central Coast Cert Association. I am married to my wife Patricia for 40 years. I have Three grown children whom are all married and have eight grandchildren. My goals are to continue growing Citizen Corp and spreading the importance of Preparedness and Resilience throughout Monterey County. If you would like to call and talk to me my number is 831-277-1630.

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