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I called Citizen Corp publications to order Cert Brochures to find out they no longer stock them. They refered me to Fema Publications I called there office and they advise me that they will be offeering them as downloadable PDF file only.  Thought I need to share this with you guys. Another use for the grant money. Hope to see you all soon if you have not heard on Memorial Day I will be in the Hospital having have my colon removed. I was diagnosed with colon cancer 2 months ago. Just another minor setback, but not a showstopper. then i will have heart surgery again in September. Life is grand in Waynes World. I keep smiling and think positive. I will be Certing again and hope we have our vehicle by then. Miss you all. Love the exercise we had last week.

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Oh My goodness Wayne!  You are in my prayers!! You are the embodiment of resilient!!!!  I will talk to Roger, Sidney and Bertha to see if we can do some printing of the CERT brochures!  Take Care my friend!


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